We view small businesses as an attractive investment class with great potential.

Our Approach

Fells View Capital is not private equity nor a strategic buyer. We are a group of entrepreneurs and investors seeking to make a control investment in a US or Canada-based business. We are looking for cash flow-positive businesses with strong growth prospects. We are generally sector agnostic.

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What We Are Looking For In a Business:

Software Business

  • A minimum of $3M in Annual Recurring Revenue

  • High growth

  • Growing industry

  • Loyal customer base

B2B Service Business

  • Minimum of $1.5M in annual earnings

  • Loyal customer base

  • EBITDA Margin more than 10%

  • A track record of profitable growth

  • In a growing industry

We are keen to speak with owners who are looking to sell their business, reduce their involvement in day-to-day operations, and ensure long-term success.

Partner with Fells View Capital for Personalized, Entrepreneurial and Long-term Value-driven Business Acquisition

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The Fells View Capital difference...

Fells View Capital approach Typical Private Equity or Strategic Buyer approach
Relationship Build enduring relationships founded on trust and personal engagement Focus on transactional interactions to maximize efficiency
Decision Making Make decisions with speed and adaptability to align with seller objectives Make decisions slowly and hierarchically, with rigid terms
Post-Acquistion Management Maintain a flexible stance Post-acquisition to honor the original vision of the owner Impose changes in a heavy-handed manner, regardless of legacy
Funding Partner with visionaries leading their fields through entrepreneurial funding Seek rapid returns, guided by institutional investor mandates
Operating Expertise Leverage entrepreneurial expertise to foster innovation and growth Deploy financial engineering to streamline and optimize performance
Time Horizon Approach investment patiently, focusing on sustainable growth Aim for short-term gains and quick turnover
Alignment of Interests Ensure the interests of owners and the firm are mutually beneficial Prioritize the interest of investors for financial outcomes
Fells View Capital approach Typical Private Equity or Strategic Buyer approach
Relationship Personal and Trust-based Transactional
Decision Making Fast and flexible to meet seller needs Slow and hierarchical with rigid terms
Post-Acquistion Management Flexible, Owner's Legacy is honored Heavy handed, change for the sake of change
Funding Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors Institutional investors with mandates to quickly return capital
Operating Expertise Entrepreneurial Financial Engineering
Time Horizon Patient Short-Term
Alignment of Interests Owner and Fells View Capital Investors Only

At Fells View Capital, we take pride in building personal relationships with business owners and creating a partnership based on mutual trust. Unlike traditional private equity or strategic buyers, we understand that selling a business is not just a financial transaction, but also an emotional decision. We have a fast and flexible decision-making process, which enables us to offer a fair and competitive deal quickly. After the acquisition, we collaborate with the existing management team to drive growth and value creation, respecting the owner’s legacy. Our entrepreneurial approach and operational experience enable us to bring not only financial expertise but also hands-on support to the table. With a long-term investment horizon and a focus on strategic initiatives, we work to create lasting value for all stakeholders.