About Us

Welcome to Fells View Capital, a search fund with a mission to identify, acquire, and operate an existing private company. Chris Elam and his team of hands-on former operators and investors are dedicated to assisting business owners seeking to exit their business. We bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the table and seek a long-term investment that will help your business succeed.

Chris Elam, Founder & Principal

Chris Elam has a strong background in both military and business settings, bringing leadership experience from McKinsey & Company and a decade of service as an Army Engineer officer, which have prepared him to be a distinctive CEO.

Christopher Elam

US Army

As an Army Engineer officer for 10 years, Chris held several leadership roles. Initially, he led his platoon on a successful deployment to Afghanistan as an airborne combat engineer. He then held a variety of roles in Germany, including managing complex construction projects across Europe, coordinating logistics for a 500-Soldier battalion, and leading a construction company. Chris’s final role in the Army was with the Army Corps of Engineers, where he deployed to Puerto Rico to lead the power restoration mission for a third of the island after Hurricane Maria, amongother missions.

Chris' take on the Army

“My journey in the United States Army presented an unyielding crucible of challenges, paving the way for unparalleled personal and professional growth. The camaraderie of remarkable individuals –marked by their extraordinary courage, fortitude, and resilience – made every hurdle navigable. This experience presented a unique opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and deepen my understanding of effective management, all while weaving my own story into my family’s legacy of military service. These experiences echo through my present, continually informing my path, while the connections fostered in the face of adversity continue to enrich my life in profound ways.”

McKinsey & Company

Most recently, as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, Chris has led teams in delivering transformative projects across industries. He has experience in driving growth, sales channel transformation, and global strategic transformation projects, with notable accomplishments including leading a small-scale SaaS growth transformation focused on the sales pipeline, a full-potential diligence on a midsized specialty chemical company identifying significant growth potential, and a major cost reduction initiative for a major software company.

Chris' take on McKinsey

“I am deeply grateful for my time at McKinsey & Company. The experience was transformative and helped shape my career trajectory in significant ways. The caliber of people at McKinsey is simply exceptional – the intellectual firepower, work ethic, and collaboration skills of my colleagues were truly inspiring. I learned a great deal from working with them, and I feel fortunate to have been a part of such a talented and supportive community. I will always treasure the relationships I built at McKinsey and the memories of the impactful projects we worked on together.”

Chris and his wife Meagan have been married for ten years and have two children – Aidan (3) and Logan (6 mos) 

Investors and Advisors

Our investor and advisor group consists of prominent business leaders with successful investment and operational experience across a wide range of industries. They are long-term investors who want to help acquire and grow companies with great potential. Some of our investors actively serve on our Board of Directors.

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